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Dr Malouf sees patients in both his Woollahra and Blacktown rooms.

For ALL appointments, please call 02 9387 6518

For your initial consultation, please be sure to bring the following:​

  • A letter of referral from your GP (this is a legal requirement and you will not be seen by Dr Malouf without one)

  • Your Medicare card, as well as your private health insurance card, pension card and/or DVA Gold card if you have one

  • The results of any tests, including scans (x-rays, CT scans, ultrasounds and MRI), blood tests and biopsy results

  • Any compression stockings, travel socks/stockings or tights that you have worn in the past for Dr Malouf to evaluate

Consultation Fees will be discussed by the practice staff over the phone when you make your appointment. Payment is required on the day of your appointment and can be made by credit card (Visa and Mastercard only), EFTPOS or cash.


For your consultation you are more than welcome to bring a friend or

family member.

Please note that we strive to be as punctual as possible with appointment times, but that occasionally, patients require more attention than anticipated. We encourage patients to call the rooms approximately one hour before their appointment time to check how the doctor is running.


We sincerely apologise for any delays, and appreciate your understanding.


Once you have had your consultation with Dr Malouf and your vein problem has been assessed, he will discuss with you about your options for treatment. Varicose veins treatment can often be performed in Dr Malouf's private rooms without you having to be admitted to hospital, although it may be more convenient for you to be admitted to a hospital to have the appropriate treatment in a more comfortable way.

Nurse Taking Notes


Dr Malouf is an accredited Surgeon at multiple hospitals in Sydney. All hospitals are nationally recognised for providing outstanding care, and setting benchmarks for the treatment of their varicose vein patients.


Dr Malouf operates at the following Sydney hospitals:

Varicose Veins surgeries are same day procedures, meaning that you will be able to go home the same day as your operation. Overnight stays in hospital can also be arranged if required. 

Patient Information: Opening Hours


We understand that surgery can be a stressful time for both the individual and their family, and as such, we strive to do our utmost to make the process as smooth and comfortable as possible. Please do not hesitate to call the rooms on 02 9387 6518 at any time for any questions concerns you may have.


A surgical quotation will be provided to you prior to your procedure. This may include any out of pocket expenses, as per the Australian Medical Association (AMA) schedule. Payment is required in full at least one week prior to your surgical date.



If you decide during your consultation with Dr Malouf that your treatment is better performed in hospital, you will need the services of an anaesthetist. Dr Malouf's team of anaesthetists have worked with him for many years and he has absolute confidence in their ability and skill.  Prior to your surgery, your anaesthetist will make contact with you to discuss your anaesthetic, any medical or anaesthetic history you have, and any fees associated with the anaesthetic service. 


  • Check that you have received, read through and filled in all the paperwork provided and that you have sent your consent forms and hospital paperwork to the correct places 

  • Discuss any medications you are currently taking with your GP and with Dr Malouf to see which ones you may need to stop taking prior to your surgery 

  • Ensure you have purchased any compression garments that Dr Malouf has recommended to you to assist with your post-op maintenance and recovery

Varicose vein surgery in hospital is performed as a day-only hospital admission. This means that you will be able to go home the same day as the surgery. Please ensure you have someone to pick you up from the hospital after your surgery as you will be unfit to drive following a general anaesthetic. Surgery typically takes 60 to 90 minutes, however a particularly complicated surgery could take longer.

Patient Information: Opening Hours
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